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Search Engine MarketingI have a local business that doesn't sell outside the area!

With smartphones becoming standard issue and tablets (such as the iPad) appearing more and more, people are turning to online business directories to find phone numbers and addresses of business. Instead of carrying a phonebook around with them they simply search Google Local. If you have not registered your business on these directories you could be missing potential customers!

Do you know who visits your website?

A website is another marketing tool at your disposal. Like any marketing tool you should be able to track its success (or failure). If your current hosting provider does not provide measurement tools, Next Step Solutions offers many tools (at no additional cost) to measure website activity.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing connects your business with your target market (customers), driving traffic to your website. It is generally reported that 60% of companies are dissatisfied with the results of their search engine marketing campaigns, including google ranking.( see want to be number 1? ) Many times this is due to an inacurrate view of what search engine marketing is coupled with little or no measurement of results.

How Search Engine Marketing works

  1. Review. Our experts review your existing online marketing program(s). We review your website, look at your sources of traffic, and review your website analytics, conversions, and your main competitors.
  2. Strategize. We establish clear search engine marketing goals and define your KPIs (key performance indicators) like leads, sign-ups, or sales.
  3. Implement. Our experts will create all necessary search engine marketing materials such as landing pages (new pages on your website) or micro-sites (product or service specific website), create or update your social media presence and make any required updates to your website.
  4. Execute. Using search engine marketing best-practices and leading search engine marketing tools from Google, Bing and Yahoo we will implement a highly targeted search engine marketing program that maximizes your conversions and marketing ROI (return on investment).
  5. Analyze & Optimize. Based on performance of the strategy, our experts will implement new materials.
  6. Repeat! Search Engines are always "improving" their listings and in doing so change the "game" of search engine marketing. This means that a review of our strategy is necessary regularly.


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