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Are you a business owner seeking a website design in Marysville?

The most important aspect to a website is the ability to be found! If you have a great looking site, but no Search Engine Optimization/Marketing has been considered, your site will fail to rank correctly (if at all). 

In Marsyville, like other towns, the local newspaper and phonebook tries to market a "website" when you choose to advertise on their website.  Generally this type of "website consist of a "directory" page, that is little more than your typical phonebook in-line ad. This type of page is great for people looking through a directory for your business, if categorized correctly, but lacks customization.  The reason… their site is optimized for their brand, not yours.

That said, the story does not end with a website design. If you are looking for rankings (which translates to more visitors) then constant interaction with your customers is needed. Search Engine Marketing (including Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus) is constantly engaging your customers with news and information that they need. 

Website Design Options

Your options consist of the following:

  • A "Directory page" – This one page, template allows you to "Copy & Paste" your information into a pre-defined area.
  • A "cookie cutter site" – This option is a variation of the directory page, but instead of one page you are able to have multiple pages with predefined settings. Usually these sites are listed out for you to choose from and are not unique.
  • A "custom website" – This option allows you to have the most flexibility in what and how you put your business online. 

Each of these has its place, but in order to fully utilize a website, it should be a custom design. If you are only looking to get a "presence" on the internet then the first two are fine and are cheap, but you are locked into putting your information into a "cookie cutter".

Next Step Solutions, Website Design

Next Step Solutions can provide a solution specific to your website design needs. Whether you need your website designed as a directory listing (billboard website), a cookie cutter website, or you need a custom site, Next Step Solutions can design a website for your business' needs. Why limit yourself to Marsyville, ca? Allow us to design a website for your company to be seen around the world. 



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