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This week's commercial is geared toward businesses who use less than 11 email addresses and are currently using one of the many free email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, and those using their ISP provided email for business purposes. For as little as $100/yr any business can have a custom domain name and email to add professionalism to their business. My hope is that through our connections, I can help bring additional clients to their business and add professionalism to their correspondences. Yuba-Sutter Founder's Chapter of Business Networking International


My name is Brad Hays, owner of Next Step Solutions.

We Provide IT solutions for modern business needs.

What image do you portray to customers and other businesses? You are professional, right? OK, think about this… I email you from my address What does that say about my company? … Nothing really, other than I am cheap and using a terrible email provider. On the other hand, if I email you from we learn two things: this is most likely a sales related email and that it is from the company awesome products.

The referral I am looking for this week is a business that uses less than 11 email addresses that are not @ their own personalized domain name. 

Next Step Solutions can provide a solution for their needs.



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